Yemen’s President praises Saudi’s confrontation of Houthi rebels


ISTANBUL - 15 Apr 2016

Yemen's President Abdrabbou Mansour Hadi expressed appreciation of the great support provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud which resulted in restoring most of the land seized by the Houthi rebels and deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh.
In a speech he delivered last night before the ongoing 13th Islamic summit in this Turkish city of Istanbul, President Hadi also paid tribute to the support the Arab Coalition lent to his country to defeat the usurpers of power in Sanaa.
The state-run Yemeni News Agency quoted President Hadi as telling the Islamic leaders that "during one year, we have achieved much and restored most of the territories upon support of our allies in the Arab and Islamic Coalition, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the United Arab Emirates".
He also described the establishment of the Islamic Coalition as a glimpse of hope that a consistent Islamic force is being formed to provide protection for its nation and effectively contribute to deter terrorism and make world peace, a step that should be supported, he stated.
President Hadi said the rebels are still procrastinating the implementation of the UN Security Council's resolution No. 2216, which, he recalled, instructed the turnover of seized state's weapons, withdrawal from provinces, cities and government institutions, surrender to the legitimate power and resumption of the political process.

He said that without the steadfast of the Yemeni peoples' resistance which received support of some Arab and Islamic countries, the rebels would have continued control of the country.
He reiterated confirmation that the intentions of the rebels and deposed president Saleh pose drastic threat to the security of Yemen, neighbors, region and world at large, noting that, on the other hand, the legitimate power has provided unlimited support and assistance to the UN special envoy for Yemen to go ahead in implementing the UN resolution.
He said Kuwait consultations will tackle the mechanisms of implementing the international legitimacy, led by ending the coup, surrendering of weapons, withdrawal of armed militias, and restoration of government institutions. Accordingly, the political process will resume as per the GCC initiative, its executive mechanisms and outcome of the Yemeni dialogue conference, he added.
President Hadi vowed that his government is committed to the ceasefire to create a good atmosphere to make the consultations in Kuwait a success, confirming the determination of the authorities to proceed with achieving fair peace which ends the coup, restore the Yemeni State and impose its powers all over its territories.